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2022, Fiction, 75'

Script/Director: Fiona Ziegler

With: Dominique Jann, Hanka Vagnerová, Ivan Pokorný, Andri Schenardi, Heidi Maria Glössner, Peter Jecklin

In co-production with Cinémotif Films (Kristýna Michálek Květová)

Distribution CH: Frenetic Films

Premiere: 21. January 2022, Solothurner Filmtage
Theatrical release: 12. May 2022

Evžen (38), a Swiss-Czech, lives a bohemian life in Prague, the city his father emigrated from in 1968 to escape Communism. He has founded his own music club and his life seems to be at its peak as his nightclub is a success and he has just started a romance with Anna, a woman that deeply intrigues him. But an unexpected journey back to Switzerland confronts him with the smuggled crocodile Karlchen, the grotesque charm of the bourgeoisie and the lie his father has built his exile life on.

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