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Catpics Ltd was founded in 1984 as an independent production company in Zurich. Catpics has specialized in quality feature films, documentaries and high-end drama with commercial appeal. Based in Switzerland, Catpics Ltd not only focuses on telling great stories in unique ways but also on producing commercially viable feature films for the global marketplace. The company is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic creatives and partners to bring great stories to the screen. Catpics is a member of the European Producers Club.


Catpics Ltd. was founded in 1984. From the very start the goal was to produce high-quality films with a big box-office potential. With „Black Tanner“ (1986, directed by Xavier Koller), „The Saltmen of Tibet“ (1997, doc by Ulrike Koch), „Gripsholm“ (2000, Xavier Koller) and „Late Bloomers“ (2006, Bettina Oberli) Catpics Ltd. represented Switzerland in the Oscar competition. The coproduction „Set Me Free“ (2000, Léa Pool) was the official Canadian entry for the Academy Awards, and the film was shown in competition at the Berlinale. „Journey of Hope“ by Xavier Koller won the Oscar for „Best Foreign Language Film“ in 1991.


The feature film „Late Bloomers“ by Bettina Oberli reached 600'000 admissions. The documentary „Mani Matter – why are you so sad?“ (2002, directed by Friedrich Kappeler) sold 150'000 tickets. These two Catpics titles are among the most succesful Swiss productions of all times.

Alfi Sinniger


Alfi Sinniger, born in 1949, studied German and English at the University of Bern in Switzerland and afterwards at the London Film School. Here his tutor was Mike Leigh. From 1974 onwards he free-lanced in different areas of the film business. He worked as an assistant to the director and a production manager for people like Tony Scott, Maximilian Schell and Xavier Koller.

From 1984 to 2018 he regularly produced films by Xavier Koller, Léa Pool, Friedrich Kappeler, Ulrike Koch and Bettina Oberli. 

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