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Two happy families, a quiet beach and a house in the hills above the Adriatic Sea. It could be so perfect. But when teenager Finn has a breakdown it brings turmoil not only to the friendship between the families but also to the relationship between his parents Helena and Adam. Eight days in August that change everything.

Fiction Feature

Script: Samuel Perriard & Markus Ziegler

Director: Samuel Perriard

Cast: Julia Jentsch, Florian Lukas, Sami Loris & Sarah Hostettler

In co-production with Helios Sustainable Films, Italy (Martin Rattini), SRG/SRF

Distribution Switzerland: Cineworx

World Sales: Film Republic

World Premiere: Internationale Hofer Filmtage



in post-production

SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS is a coming-of-age-action-drama series about a group of young athletes and their mentors, all struggling to succeed in a highly competitive total institution: an elite boarding school for future world ski-champions.

Fiction Series 8 x 45' 

Creator: Clemens Aufderklamm
Script: Samuel Schultschik, Marlene Rudy, Marie-Therese Thill, Christian Eichtinger
In co-production with Superfilm Austria, ORF, SRF/SRG

World Sales: ORF Entrerprises


in production

TV Documentary 

Script/Director: Manuela Ruggeri

The founders of the successful theatre company Karl's kühne Gassenschau have decided to stage one last show before finally retiring from artistic direction. They want to tackle this gigantic task together with their potential successors.


in financing

QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE accompanies the charismatic and contentious archaeologist Bettina Schulz-Paulsson with her unconventional research family as a road movie across Europe. The film brings to light the political dimension of our view of the past, and is as exciting, entertaining, human, and sensual as no archaeological film before.

Documentary Feature

Script/Director: David Bernet


in financing

Pola saves the Plitschplatsch swimming pool from closure and opens herself up to new encounters and experiences.

Fiction Feature

Script: Sabina Gröner

Director: Natascha Beller


in financing

Remy, a young fitness trainer, finally wants to achieve his goal of professional success and personal happiness with a wife and a family. At the beauty clinic, he meets Lea, a fun-loving trans woman who doesn't fit into Remy’s desired norm - and the other way round. Too bad they fall in love.

Fiction Feature

Script: Fanny Nussbaumer, Ivana Lalovic, Sabine Pochhammer

Director: Ivana Lalovic


in financing

An aging social outcast and his bourgeois sister explore the chaotic legacy of their infamous father, who was Swiss spy chief during the Cold War. Ten years after his death, the siblings try to explore the past, confront the memories of their father and finally learn to love each other.

Documentary Feature

Script: Daire Collins & Philippe Grob

Director: Daire Collins


in financing

In legal circles, female defence lawyers are considered «the savages» as their clients are often «troublemakers». In the public perception, they represent the «guilty».LEGAL GUILT offers a rare glimpse into the closed world of criminal justice, questions the unequal power relations in criminal law and tells of the human side of the work of four female defence lawyers in a male-dominated world.

Documentary Series 4 x 50'

Script: Dario Schoch, Philippe Grob, Felix Hergert, Lisa Gerig

Co-Director: Felix Hergert


in development

For Nola (13), robots are better friends than humans. Ostracized as a nerd at school, she develops her late father's last robot into a friend. When Nola gains a real friend in beatbox talent Spocky (13), she learns the limits and risks of AI and robots.

Fiction Feature

Script: Bettina Schmid 

Director: Michael Schaerer 


in development

Linea has good grades and is a well-behaved girl. None of this applies to Aaron. They only have one thing in common: they are always chosen last in sports. A clever fox lures them into the woods, and they realize that they have more in common than they thought.

Fiction Feature

Script: Eveline Stähelin

Director: Ruth Olshan


in development

In the heart of Rome's religious epicenter, a former cop turned Swiss Guard, SIMON, becomes a reluctant hero when he saves the Pope from an attacker. Dubbed "Salvatore" by the media, Simon's newfound fame unravels a web of Vatican intrigue, intertwining his troubled past, a mysterious prophecy, and a scandalous secret involving the exploitation of nuns. As Simon delves deeper into the conspiracy, he must navigate shifting allegiances and uncover the truth before it's too late, all while confronting his own demons and doubts of faith.

Fiction Series

Script: Stéphane Mitchell, Bernado Pellegrini, Christian Johannes Koch

Director: Christian Johannes Koch


in development

Carin is the voice of Generation Z. Her offensive and truthful lyrics make her extremely popular - both inside and outside the rap community. Even her father Andi has noticed from his self-imposed exile in Costa Rica. He now wants a slice of Carin’s cake - a "teeny tiny" reduction in debt would suit him just fine.... and after all, he taught her everything. But from Carin’s point of view, Andi and the whole baby boomer generation have completely failed. She doesn’t want to know anything about him until he turns up in Switzerland.


Fiction Feature

Script: Mariama Djité

Co-Director: Martin Skalsky, Wero Rodowicz


Fiction Feature
Script: Christa Capaul
Idea & Research: Tanja Meding

in development

Zurich, 1853, Emilie Spyri, the niece of famous author Johanna Spyri, is born into one of the most exciting time in Swiss society.

Strong willed and extremely gifted, Emilie is the apple of her father's eye, but has a very different idea of life than society accepts her to have. She not only marries the freethinker Walter Kempin against her fathers will but also enrolls at the law school at the University of Zurich. A decision with far reaching consequences as her father withholds her dowry.

In spite of having three children, she soon earns her doctorate as the first Swiss and European female lawyer ever! Thus she has already exceeded too many limits from a male perspective. Her will to change society, especially the status of women, must be broken.


in development

The three episodes of Fio Lina and the Maestro tell of the adventures of the music witch Fio Lina with the maestro of an instrument orchestra in the world of classical music in a humorous, warm-hearted way.

Animation Series 
Script: Matthias Keilich

Character Design: Lena von Döhren

Background Design: Oswald Iten

Based on the THE WITCH AND THE MAESTRO, A Musical Fairy Tale by Howard Griffiths.

In co-production with SRF/SRG

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