2012, Fiction, 111'

Script/Director: Xavier Koller

Produced by: 

Catpics AG, Alfi Sinniger

In coproduction with:

Teleclub Switzerland &

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/Switzerland

Late 1800’s - a small barber shop in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Its owner is the well-known city character “Dällebach Kari“. His barber shop is always crowded - not because Kari shaves better than other barbers but because he entertains his customers in such a brilliant way that they do not mind waiting a few hours and wat- ching him soap others.

Born into a poor farming family, Kari is small and fragile as well as having a harelip. The doctor who delivers Kari does not give the newborn much chance of survival. He says to the poor father – ‚with so many proper mouths to feed – do you really need a runt as well?‘ Despite this – or because of this Kari‘s mother Marghareta feeds him like a bird that has fallen from the nest. He not only survives – he blossoms into a cheerful young man who believes in the beauty of life.