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1998/2000, Fiction, 100'

Script: Stefan Kolditz 

Director: Xavier Koller

Produced by:

Catpics AG, Alfi Sinniger

In coproduction with: 
Thomas Wilkening Film/Germany  &
DOR Film/Austria

The film takes us deep into the shady, pleasure-seeking cabaret world of Berlin at the beginning of the 1930's, where “open season” has been declared on the last remaining bourgeois taboos, and the few remaining fig leaves of modesty are about to be swept away. Kurt, a campaigning journalist and satirist who has become a celebrity thanks to the rather saucy lyrics he has written for the songs of various shows has set off with his girlfriend Lydia, his princess, on a journey to Gripsholm castle in Sweden, in the course of a seemingly endless summer. Two friends, the fashionable variety show singer Billie and a temperamental aviator who goes by the name of Karlchen join them briefly on the holiday in Sweden. Erotic impulses inevitably lead to complications in their relationships.

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