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1998, Fiction. 87'

Script/Director: Edward Berger

Produced by:

Medias Res Berlin/Germany

Catpics AG/Switzerland &
Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/Switzerland


Dagmar Manzel, Jasmin Tabatabai, Ralf Richter, Jochen Nickel, Antonio Wannek, Lou Bihler, Heinz W. Kraehkamp, Michael Schenk

A film about friendship, betrayal and crime, in which premature love and frustrated sex also play a major role. In the middle of it all, in Berlin’s urban jungle, is Dominik, who at 16 years of age finds himself quite alone. Until one day he meets Vivian, and suddenly everything changes. In his attempt to impress her, Dominik gets involved in a number of shady deals. When things go all wrong however, it is only thanks to his lasting friendship with his pal Mustafa, his best mate, that he is able to avoid a disaster.

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