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2013, Fiction, 91'


Script/Director: Simon Aeby

Produced by:

Catpics Coproductions AG, Alfi Sinniger & Turnus Film AG, Hans Syz/Switzerland

In coproduction with:

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/Switzerland

Dinu dreams of becoming the Swiss wrestling champion. His father does not really take him seriously, neither as the successor to the family farm nor as an athlete. In addition, Karl König, his rival since childhood, makes life difficult for him. He makes sure that Dinu has to work overtime at his father’s factory and practically no time for training. Dinu suffers an injury at the wrestling championships and lands in the hospital. Just as he is about to give it all up, he meets Laura, the new veterinary in town, who succeeds in encouraging Dinu to hold on to his dream.

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