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1997, Documentary, 90'

Script/Director: Peter Entell

Produced by:

Catpics Coproductions AG, Alfi Sinniger

In coproduction mit:

RTS Radio Télévision Suisse/Switzerland & 

Show and Tell Films/Switzerland

The hills of Lausanne, Switzerland, have become a Mecca for roller-skaters and Ivano has become a prince among them. Ivano is a symbol of hope who, through his own creative energy and drive, rises above the ordinary and often dead-end choices that most young people face today. ROLLING tells the story of his search to escape from the limited choices he faces in life and of the support he receives from a woman whose strength of character and experience help him find his way. They are the outcasts from the traditional values of society, searching together for a way to navigate through the greed and dishonesty of the staid environment in which the live. Their lives reflect both the possibilities open to young people who creatively are trying to find their way into the adult world.

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