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2001/2002, Documentary, 85'

Script/Director: Friedrich Kappeler

Produced with:

Catpics Coproductions AG, Alfi Sinniger

In coproduction with:

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/Switzerland

The film offers fascinating insight into the complex personality of Mani Matter. It depicts the life and works of the popular singer, who wrote and sang his songs in Swiss dialect, while also dealing with the area of tension between his middle-class lifestyle and existence as an artist. The film also explores his influence, which is still felt today. Conversations with family and friends of the artist, who died thirty years ago, are enhanced with numerous original recordings by Mani Matter, as well as interpretations by contemporary musicians such as Stephan Eicher, Kuno Lauener and Polo Hofer - each of whom has taken a completely different approach to Matter's songs.

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